Procurement & Inventory Control

Our Expertise

We are strong strategic planners with 10+ years of experience in Procurement, production planning, and inventory control. We have sufficient knowledge in procuring approx 300+ Chemicals Globally from 500+ reliable suppliers.  We have a track record of maintaining a 1:5 Inventory Turnover Ratio.

Advisory Services

Procurement Advisory Services

We can help you in establishing relationships with the manufacturers/manufacturer’s authorized representatives directly.

We are in the Chemical Industry for quite a long time and well aware of the Vendor Validation requirements. We help you in getting the samples directly delivered to your door from the manufacturers.

Procurement of raw materials constitutes at least 50 to 65% of the Product Cost.  We monitor the Price Trend of the Chemical globally and advise you the closest average price and the right source based on the changing International Trends so that you do not end up making losses due to the high volatility of chemical prices worldwide.

Every Indian Manufacturer has a right to procure them at the right cost irrespective of the Size of your company and your affordability of hiring Professional Managers.  We want to stand as a Support Team in guiding Medium and Small Scale Entrepreneurs taking the Complete role of PPIC (Production Planning, Procurement & Inventory Control).  Every Chemical used in your manufacturing facility deserves this service.

We at Dhanvi understand the needs of Indian MSMEs in terms of Procurement with an objective to have Disruption Free Production and Effective Inventory Control which in turn will have an impact on the Cost of Goods Sold and the cost of Profitability. So, we are here to help you at a very affordable cost.

Vendor Validation

Identify Right Source

When we purchase the chemical for the first time, it is advisable to explore and evaluate as many producers as possible. The procurement process is risk-free when you have more than three vendors for every raw material that is consumed in the manufacturing facility. This helps in strengthening the procurement process.  We help you in identifying every possible source and help you in adding more and more vendors who are compatible with manufacturers. We will help you in establishing relationships directly with credible and reliable manufacturers/suppliers in India and also with Global Suppliers.

Sample Validation

We understand the necessity to obtain material that is of the highest quality and is the best fit for the Manufacturer’s purpose. We can source the material with accurate specifications and quality standards as desired by the manufacturers. We ensure that the Supplier-and buyer adheres to the quality requirements. We have excellent logistics arrangements to door deliver the sample at a very economical cost from various vendors situated globally.  This will help you to quickly evaluate the sample and give feedback to the producers so that the vendor is approved.

Price Trend Analysis

Once we take up the material for study, we keep the monitoring the price trend and give you suitable alerts from time to time. This information from our end will help you to take right decision at the right time.


Procure from Indian Vendors

We have good relationships with many chemical manufacturers in India. We can help you to establish direct relationships with Indian manufacturers and can suggest you the right price. We have good relationships with many chemical manufacturers in India. We can help you to establish direct relationships with Indian manufacturers and can suggest you the right price.

Procure from Foreign Vendors

We have established good relationships with many vendors globally situated in 25+ countries.  We will help you in establishing relationships with foreign vendors so that Indian manufacturers can get competitive prices and the best quality material.

Price Trend Monitoring

We have no control if we purchase the material on a spot basis. Price trend analysis has no role to play to handle spot requirements.  But, we can help you in advising the additional cost that you would be paying because the procurement is not planned well in advance.

Chemical prices are so volatile in the International market that prices of these chemicals are to be closely monitored and one has to understand the factors behind the volatility based on the historical price information read with various factors like Crude oil, availability of ships, lead time, consignments held up at transshipment ports, etc.  We have expertise in understanding the various factors causing the volatility in price.

At least 2 or 3 months advance planning of procurement is essential to get an effective price benefit when one is sure of confirmed requirements. We have hands of experience with several chemicals, we know the base price of each chemical and we keep monitoring the price trend periodically both in domestic and international markets. Our experts will advise you on the right price based on your procurement needs which in turn will have an impact on effective management of working capital and inventory.

Strategic Procurement

Inventory materials are generally segregated depending on their availability, price, and quantity.

With the drastic unforeseen changes happening in the chemical industry globally, it is very important to have adaptable procurement and inventory strategies for disruption-free production. We carefully evaluate each of the materials and will form a procurement strategy for each of the chemicals depending on your business needs and also will alert you if the strategy of the chemicals to be reviewed considering the global situation.

Inventory Management

Right Time

Securing the delivery of goods at the right time to meet commitments, but not so early as to incur unnecessary inventory costs. Raw materials are to be ordered and delivered at the right time so that companies can really focus only on production. Depending on the criticality of the material in terms of availability and the available sources, it is necessary to decide when to order and when to deliver.  Frequent changes in the global market and logistics made today’s situation challenging that unless one monitor and understand the lead time, it is difficult to avoid disruptions in production. We evaluate and study the raw material in terms of consumption and advise the right time.

Right Quantity

Logistics costs have almost doubled after Covid and it plays a major role in the landed cost of goods. Most of the suppliers are stressed in meeting their commitments to the customers as they are unable to run their production to its 100% capacity. To restore back the normalcy in the supply-demand situation globally, it may take a couple of years for suppliers.

Unless we maintain a close and respectable relationship with suppliers, it is imperative that the manufacturers face difficulties in running their production hassle / disruption-free. To avoid this, procuring the material in sufficient quantity and maintaining service levels while minimizing excess stock holding is very important in Inventory Management. We advise you on the right quantity how much to purchase and recommend safety stocks, implement stock replenishment systems, after careful study and evaluation of Demand.

In a chemical world, the material has a specific shelf life. Storing the chemical beyond its shelf life can cause damage to the warehouse and people who are working near and around the expired chemical.  We help you in getting rid of expired chemicals to keep your warehouse safe and ensure that these chemicals are destroyed at a very economical cost.

Monitor Inventory Turnover Ratio

Our Team has a track record of maintaining inventory at a very efficient ratio. This ratio tells how best any company is replacing its inventory in any given period with reference to the sales.  This also helps the business make their better pricing and crucial purchasing decisions in terms of maintaining inventory for key raw material contributors and optimum utilization of available working capital limits.

This is a very important factor to ensure that the overall inventory is maintained and controlled efficiently and that the costs are effectively monitored and measured.  We study and analyze and give you suitable suggestions and highlight the areas of improvement to reach the desired inventory ratio level in a phase manner.

Key Performance Indicators

Every product will have key raw materials that contribute majorly to the finished goods. We identify these products and will suggest having close monitoring which will have an impact on the cost of goods sold.

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