Customs & Logistics

Our Expertise

We are professionals having hands-on experience over a period of 30+ years.  Our team has specialization in carrying out Cost-Efficient International Freight Forwarding Activities, dealing with Customs, choosing the right warehouse based on the kind of goods, and transportation.

Freight Forwarders

We are experts in finalizing Freight Contracts of cargo from Indian Ports to foreign Ports and also from Foreign Ports to Indian Ports via Air & Sea.

Port to Port(FOB)

We can arrange all kinds of shipping equipment like Dry containers, Tank containers, Flat Track, Open top containers, Reefer containers, etc for factory stuffing and can get the containers shipped from any of the Indian Ports to foreign ports.

Also, we can arrange the shipping equipment for stuffing at foreign vendor’s premises and get them delivered at any Indian Port.

On case to case basis, we can also help in the grouping, pooling of the material (LCLs) at the port and can arrange the shipment.  Not only we are efficient in providing cost-effective freight rates, but also can negotiate and arrange free days of the container to avoid detention charges at the port of discharge.

Specialized in exporting Hazardous Chemicals

Indian chemical industry is facing problems in exporting their samples due to safety regulations imposed by IATA.  As a part of the regulation, an IIP certificate is necessary to export hazardous goods. But, for small scale manufacturers, it is not economically viable to obtain IIP Certificates for the samples as the packing of the sample keep changing based on customer’s requirements.   There is always a gap in assessing the requirement of the right packaging for exporting hazardous goods.

To address this problem faced by small-scale manufacturers, we have a team who can analyze the right package and right size based on your customers’ requirements.  We can arrange the export of samples in certified packaging material.   We can assure you that the samples are safely delivered in compliance with International Air Transport Association (IATA) Regulations.

We are certified professionals, fully aware of regulations to handle hazardous goods shipments and we can help you in hassle-free export of hazardous chemicals.

Marine Insurance

We arrange marine insurance for every shipment for all kinds of goods with cost-efficient premium charges.

Dealing with Shipping Lines

Based on our experience, we understand that shipping lines tend to collect abnormally high charges from the importers at every stage of import. These charges are generally paid by customs brokers to the shipping lines and Indian companies reimburse these charges to the Customs Broker. Indian companies are mostly unaware of the costs incurred on this account head they are paid ‘at actuals’. Shipping lines or their agents at destination are collecting huge charges under various account heads order charges, documentation charges, bill of lading charges, imbalance charges, detention charges, etc.

We have a team of professionals who understand the reasonable charges and are expertise in negotiation with the shipping lines and we help you in bringing down these hidden costs to a great extent.

Customs Brokers (CHA)

We have expanded our activities with investments in ancillary services in India and also have a strong network of global partners & ICDs in India. Our team maintains a good working relationship with customs officials and are well versed with the rules & regulations governing imports and exports to & from India, which keep changing from time to time. This ensures quick & trouble-free documentation in compliance with the changing rules.

Advisory Services

We analyze and explore the benefits available under various duty exemption schemes given under Foreign Trade Policy and Foreign Trade Procedure.  Based on our experience, we suggest our clients make use of the schemes to get duty benefits like Advance authorization, EPCG, MEIS, etc.

Imports & Exports

We coordinate with the customs house and file the bill of entry/shipping bill after thoroughly checking the ITC HS codes and the rules prescribed therein.  We can file the bill of entries for DTA Units, EOUs, and SEZ facilities and clear the goods without any additional hidden costs like detentions.

Other Services

We can obtain Importer-Exporter Code (IEC), factory stuffing permissions, certificate of origin, direct port delivery (DPD) permissions, AEO Registrations, MEIS Port Registrations, Export Incentive Licences Registrations at the port. We can undertake any service that is associated with Customs.


We have expertise in storing hazardous goods, food-grade materials, Steel, Capital Goods, etc. We can store all kinds of goods and we analyze, study, and choose the right warehouse based on the kind of goods to store strategically.


We have expertise in negotiating with CFS and can reduce ground rent charges and handling charges to the minimum.  We can negotiate to have a few free days based on the volumetric requirement of the space used at CFS.

Customs Bonded Warehouse

We can keep the material at Customs bonded warehouse for a period of 90 days without paying duty. Interest is payable after 90 days if the consignment is cleared under duty payment. No interest is payable if the consignment is cleared under any of the export incentive schemes available under Foreign trade policy. Based on the cargo, we have hands-on experience in choosing the right space at very economical rates.

General Bonded Warehouse

We can keep the material after the clearance of goods from customs for an indefinite period.  This is basically used when the importer has no warehouse space.

Cold Storage

We have associated with few cold storage rarely available at ports and can keep the goods under cold storage as per the cargo requirements.


Advisory Services

Selection of the right mode of transportation is very important to avoid hidden expenditure.  Transportation costs also a key contributor to any material arriving at landed cost.  We study the volumetric size of the consignment and will advise you on the right vehicle to avoid unnecessary expenditure spent in transporting the goods.  We have invested in building transportation infrastructure and also have a strong network with several associated partners available.  This helps the importers/exporters not to wait for the vehicle and use the right vehicle only.

We study the case considering various trailers like Semi low bed trailers, low bed trailers, trailers – 20Ft, 40Ft, high cube, etc, and wherever necessary, we can suggest using various kinds of trucks available from Tata Ace to 25 MT Trucks.  We also can arrange the transportation using reefer vehicles with generator facility attached to vehicles.

We can arrange all kinds of shipping equipment like Dry containers, Tank containers, Flat Track, Open top containers, Reefer containers, etc for factory stuffing and can get the containers shipped from any of the Indian Ports to foreign ports.

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